Friday, May 1, 2009

Online Legal Resources

It was ol'Abe Lincoln who famously taught himself the law of the land by candlelight in a rustic backwoods Kentucky log cabin.

Today, more light is being shed on the law than ever before with rich online resources providing a virtual college education. Some have been around for years and have become fairly well known for their breadth of information, while others come online just waiting to be discovered.

Just up ahead,  a current snapshot of the most complete online information for armchair lawyers, researchers and others who want to know more about the impact the legal system has on our everyday lives.

NOLO - The online bible for free legal information in the dual areas of consumer and business law including copyright law, landlord-tenant law, bankruptcy, foreclosures, family law and immigration, malpractice, small claims court, and lots more with feature articles and opinion, sample forms and contracts.

FindLaw - Browse over a dozen topics or dig deeper into the subtopic areas (under Accidents and Injuries, for example) to explore the finer points of everything from dog bites to mesothelioma. Also see their Dangerous Products category for an A-Z list of poisonous, unhealthful or questionable products or medications. - An online alamanc of interesting, informative and factual information including legal resources by topic, a comprehensive A-Z legal dictionary, a collection of law quotations, and don't miss The Law's Hall of Horror for crime and punishment through the ages.

The Encyclopedia of Everyday Law - A great collection of facts and information on civil rights, disabilities, patient rights, family law, immigration, taxes and related laws and consumer issues.

Virtual Gumshoe - Have fun tracking down vital records, missing persons, cemetaries and obituaries, most wanted lists, voter records, weather history data, historical archives and more nuggets of information freely available online for the curious cyber detective.

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